30 Trendy Buys From Zara, Shopbop, and Mango

Right now, we’re in the middle of a diverse trend cycle. From high-impact color to maxi lengths and corset tops, so many trends seem to be popping off all at once. It’s glorious, and just about every trend under the sun happens to be sitting at Zara, Mango, and Shopbop. It’s amazing to know that you don’t immediately have to shell out the big bucks to partake in the coolest and most talked-about styles of the moment. For example, I’ve been considering splurging on a distressed leather jacket for weeks, and thanks to a great Zara dupe, my bank account can rest with a few more hundred dollars.

More great fashion finds like this are abound, but unless you have the time to sift through dozens of pages, they remain buried deep in the thousands of SKUs. But don’t worry—I’ve done that for you. Below, you’ll find the trendiest and most noteworthy finds Zara, Mango, and more have to offer. Keep scrolling to check out them all.

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